Dickie White in a staggered stance pointing at the camera with both hands.

The Secret To 6 Pack Abs

Ok, so I have to confess, this post isn’t actually about getting a six pack; I just wanted to get your attention with a catchy title! But, I am going to tell you how to get the most out of your ab exercises to make you stronger and to help prevent lower back injury both […]

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Dickie White lifting his shirt up to show his "abs" while holding Chico the chihuahua.

#BuchaBinghamton – Hipsters Unite!

We all want it, but very few people want to put in the work to get it. No I’m not talking about my “wicked shredded abs” or a handsome Blue Chihuahua…… I’m talking about a healthy digestive system! Hi, I’m DickFarm, and if you’re looking to improve the health of your digestive system, then have […]

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