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Dan & Alex

Your Vote Counts

  PICK   THE   WINNER   Help us pick the winners of the Ironworks Buddy Selfie Challenge! Leave a comment below with your vote for either Alex and Dan or Kaia Leigh & Kaitlynn. Whichever set of buddies gets the most votes through Monday, March 6 wins! Voting is not restricted to Ironworks members so […]

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The Jacobs Ladder Challenge

You may have noticed the arrival of the Jacobs Ladder a few months ago. Most gyms don’t have one of these bad boys. And, we know why- it’s hard as heck! But, we know our members are always ready to push themselves and try something new. Because you’re using your arms and legs simultaneously, you’re […]

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picture of laura monroe aka the chief of ironworks gym flexing her biceps

2015 Cincinnati Women’s Pro-Am

The Cincinnati Women’s Pro-Am was a long, crazy, energy-filled weekend and It’s taken me more than a few days of reflecting to finally be able to put my thoughts and experiences into words. The adventure started before the competition even began. First of all, it’s been two years since I’ve cut weight, so I knew […]

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The Hidden Secret to Improved Performance

I know many people who not only spend hours a day training, often also investing time planning out their own training plan (or pay to have an expert create their training program). I know others who dedicate almost an entire day every week to meal prep, taking the time to plan out and prepare their […]

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