Here is a list of some of the equipment at Ironworks Gym. Click on the piece of equipment you’re interested in learning about to be taken to a page with videos demonstrating a variety of exercises.

Main Weight Room

power rack

reverse hyper

gripper machine

dip station

barbell overhead press bench

lat pulldown and cable row machine

45-degree back extension

decline situp

incline bench

power squat

bench press

leg press

glute ham raise

speciality bars at Ironworks Gym

chest supported row

Open Room

picture of the open room at Ironworks Gym in Binghamton, NY that serves as one big platform for deadlifts and Olympic lifts

grappler/landmine exercise equipment

jerk boxes


Cardio Room

pec deck/reverse fly combo machine

functional trainer

cable cross over

chinup bars

leg extension/leg curl combination machine