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Here is a list of some of the equipment at Ironworks Gym. Click on the piece of equipment you’re interested in learning about to be taken to a page with videos demonstrating a variety of exercises.


Main Weight Room


1 of 5 Power Racks.

A Power Rack

A Reverse Hyper.

A Reverse Hyper

A plated loaded grip machine.

A plated loaded gripper machine

A Dip station.

A station for doing Dips

A seated barbell Overhead Press.

A dedicated seated Overhead Press bench with plate storage

3 Lat Pulldown/Seated Cable Row machines.

A Pulldown/Low Row cable machine

A 45-degree Back Extension with a wide foot plate.

A 45-degree back extension

A Decline Situp/Dumbbell bench.

decline situp

A barbell Incline Bench Press.

A barbell incline bench press

A Power Squat/Hack Squat machine.

A Power Squat machine

3 Competition Bench Presses with plate storage.

A competition bench with a Thompson Fat Pad.

A Leg Press.

A leg press machine

A GHR/GHD with a split pad.

A Glute Ham Raise, or GHD, with a split pad.

A variety of specialty bars.

speciality bars at Ironworks Gym

A Chest Supported Row.

A Chest Supported Row.

A Belt Squat.

A Belt Squat machine

A plate loaded Single Leg Curl.

A plate loaded single leg hamstring curl machine

A barbell Decline Bench.

A barbell decline bench



Open Room


picture of the open room at Ironworks Gym in Binghamton, NY that serves as one big platform for deadlifts and Olympic lifts

A 2 station Rig (only half pictured).

A 2 station Rig

A Prowler with 45 feet of turf.

A Prowler on turf

Jerk boxes/Stone loading boxes.

A pair of adjustable wooden jerk/stone loading boxes

Atlas stones.

5 strongman Atlas stones of various weights and sizes


A 2 tier rack of Kettlebells in a variety of sizes and weights

Kegs/Farmer’s Walk Handles.

2 kegs and a pair of Farmer's Walk handles

Strongman Log, Trap Bars, Yoke, Axle, and specialty Deadlift bars.

A strongman Log along with various bars including 2 Trap Bars and specialty Deadlift bars

A matted room with heavy bags.

A 20x20 room with various heavy bags and a grey wrestling mat.

Tons of bumper plates and Rogue medicine balls in various weights.

A rack with 2 tiers of bumper plates of various weights and a top shelf for Rogue Medicine Balls.

Battling ropes, a towing rope, and different hurdles and cones.

Battling rope, towing rope, and a variety of cones and hurdles.

A Grappler.

grappler/landmine exercise equipment



Cardio Room


3 Precor Treadmills.

3 Precor treadmills

2 Precor Ellipticals.

2 Precor Ellipticals

A Cybex Arc Trainer.

A Cybex Arc Trainer

A Jacob’s Ladder.

A Jacob's Ladder machine

2 Concept 2 Model E Rowers.

Two Concept 2 Model E Rowers

2 Rogue Echo Bikes.

A picture of 2 Rogue Echo Bikes side by side.

A Pec Deck/Reverse Fly machine.

A Pec Deck/Reverse Fly machine

A Functional Trainer.

A Hoist Functional Trainer with various attachments.

A Cable Crossover.

Cable Crossover in front of a painting of the Ironworks Gym logo.

Pullup bars.

3 Pullup bars with a pair of Hanging Leg Raise straps

A Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine.

A Hoist Leg Extension/Leg Curl machine

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