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The Jacobs Ladder Challenge

A picture of a Jacobs Ladder exercise machine at Ironworks Gym in Binghamton, NY.

You may have noticed the arrival of the Jacobs Ladder a few months ago.

Most gyms don’t have one of these bad boys. And, we know why- it’s hard as heck!

But, we know our members are always ready to push themselves and try something new.

Because you’re using your arms and legs simultaneously, you’re recruiting more muscle fibers and creating a bigger calorie burn.

And, not only does the Jacobs Ladder give you a hardcore, high-intensity workout, it has some other major benefits that make it a fantastic piece of equipment for almost anyone:

– Low-impact cardio/conditioning. We have members with knee injuries and back injuries who can use the ladder pain-free, and without aggravating their injuries.

– Improves hand-eye coordination since you have to reach for each new rung.

– Increases your ability to use your body as one unit.

– You control the speed and the machine automatically stops if you stop, or get too low, making it safer than a treadmill.

So, if you haven’t used the Jacobs Ladder yet, try it! All you need to do is put the belt around your hips (not your waist) with the cable on the outside of your right hip, set the strap to your height, then start climbing!

And, if you’re feeling adventurous, start racking up the feet and join our “Climbing Club.”

Let us know any time you reach a new milestone distance (250, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500) and we’ll add you to the board!

Are you up for the challenge?!?

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