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OPEN for Members Only. Text (607) 727-6086 for details.

Member Pledge

  • 1) I will complete a daily health screening via the online form prior to every visit to the gym.

    If you have any technical difficulties in completing the screening, a call or text to 607-727-6086 should be made immediately so ownership can assist you in completing the health screening prior to your arrival at the gym.
  • 2) I will scan in upon arrival.

    It is imperative that every person entering the gym scans their fingerprint to gain access. We are required to keep a record of the arrival time of every individual entering the facility for both security and contact tracing purposes. That means no holding the door for another member, no bringing guests, and no letting someone in who knocks or seems to be waiting at the door. If you have any issues scanning in, a call or text to 607-727-6086 should be made so ownership can let you into the gym and address the issue.
  • 3) I will wear a mask in the gym at all times.

    Both reusable cloth and disposable masks are allowed. To be considered acceptable, the mask must be worn in a way that fully covers both the mouth and nose. Bandanas, buffs, face shields, and gaiters are not considered appropriate face coverings so they will not be allowed.
  • 4) I will sanitize my hands.

    We ask that every member sanitize their hands upon entering the gym and frequently wash or sanitize your hands throughout your time at the gym. Avoid touching your face.
  • 5) I will sanitize equipment both before and after use.

    Doing so before is to protect yourself, doing so after is to protect the next person who uses it. We have disinfectant wipes in their usual spots around the gym and this is something that has always been expected. The only change is now pretty much anything you touch should be disinfected.
  • 6) I will maintain a distance of 6ft apart from other people.

    Fixed pieces of equipment are rearranged and blocked off as needed to ensure that people are 6ft apart when on those pieces of equipment. Members should work together to space themselves appropriately when using free-weights in open areas. If you need a spotter for a lift, the close contact should be limited to the performance of the lift itself, after which all parties should return to being 6ft apart. Members from the same household are preferred for spotting and you can also ask an owner to spot you.
  • 7) I will be safe and smart.

    You are probably not as strong, or as generally fit, as you were 5 months ago. Wearing a mask may also make things a bit harder to start. Please be sure to modify and/or scale down your workouts to a level you can complete safely based on your current condition and the mask requirement.
  • 8) I will use the Front Door only to arrive and to depart.

    Please help us limit the amount of traffic in and out of the front door by only using that access point to come in when you arrive at the gym and to exit through when you’re leaving the gym. If you need to get a breath of fresh air outside, please use the back door or the side door in the open room.
  • 9) I will limit what I bring to the gym.

    Anything you bring with you needs to either be kept in the back (not in contact with anyone else’s items) or kept with you at all times. Items should be labeled to clearly indicate that they are yours. Anything you bring to the gym needs to be taken with you when you leave.
  • 10) I will bring my own water/drink.

    We are required to make the water fountain unavailable for the time being so please bring your own water/drinks to the gym. You are allowed to briefly remove your mask to take a quick drink then immediately put it back on, but that is the only time it is ok for your mask to not fully cover your mouth and nose while you are in the gym.
  • 11) I will not monopolize multiple pieces of equipment and I will put away everything I use.

    These rules have always been in place, but it is even more important now with the new sanitizing and social distancing protocols. Please try to limit the amount of equipment you are using at once; if you are doing complexes, please try to stay in one area with the equipment you are using. Once you have finished using something and have sanitized it, return it to its proper storage position to keep floor space open.
  • 12) I will not take pictures or videos at the gym.

    It is always expected that nobody captures somebody else’s image without their permission. We know all of our members will be working with us, and each other, to make sure things are running smoothly, but we also know there are people in the world that will go out of their way to try to get a business in trouble. To avoid the possibility that you happen to share a picture/video on social media that shows someone with their mask off while taking a drink (that some internet wacko then edits to only show the person with their mask off) please do not take any pictures or videos while you are at the gym.
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